There are certain rules governing low carb diets, and this is what we will place our focus on in this article, to help you better understand the science and rules of low carb diets.

First rule – Opt For Real Foods

Instead of going after processed foods, try out foods that have low human interference factor. Actual, real food forms the basis of low-carb, high-fat lifestyle.

Second rule – Cut down the carbs, not Cut them out

You already know that grains and sugar aren’t the best for you, but the extent to which you reduce it greatly depends on your degree of tolerance to insulin and how you can tolerate carbs.

Third rule – Virtuous vegetables

Veggies are really good for you, so make sure to take more of them, and even if possible, make sure it’s part of all your meals. The good part is that you can include fats like butter or olive oil so that they can have a better taste.

Fourth rule – Be friends with fat

Since total carbs will be cut short drastically, with moderate protein and sugar cut out, your only friend at this time should be fat, because it’s where you’ll be getting your energy from.

Fifth rule – Don’t underestimate the work of protein, so do not overfeed on it

You can’t overlook the importance of protein, but if let too much of it in your diet, the liver keeps converting it into sugars. Do not forget that a high-protein diet is outrightly different from low-carbs, high-fat diets. A lot of people over the years have been making this mistake of taking too much protein and expect to lose weight.

Sixth rule – Eat with caution

One of the main reasons why you’re on a low-carb diet is to be able to receive and send messages needed for your body to stay in shape, to give you energy and also trigger when you at filled up.

Seventh rule – Stick to the “3-meal” strategy

Make sure to always follow the pattern; we’re all aware of the fact that it’s recommended to take 3 meals per day, summing up to 22 meals for seven days. Ensure that you do not miss out on any of them.

Eight rule – It’s not just about what you’re eating

There’s a lot that affects your health, other than the low carb diets you’re eating- stress, drugs, exercise, cigarettes, sleep, booze and much more. Make sure to crest a balance with these factors with the low-carbon high-fat lifestyle.

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