Clickbank Affiliate Conversions

This website has been used as a affiliate website for selling Clickbank weight loss products.

It has been brand new when paid traffic was utilized to make sales.

Similar strategies could be used with organic traffic and PPC combined especially if you are a fitness and / or nutritional coach.

Website is ready to take on consultation calls, your new blog posts as well as Clickbank affiliate products. Five landing pages are ready and new can be easily created within minutes. All setup and ready for you.

Besides that a whole library of Clickbank products are available in the Book-Store section of the website. Hundreds of CB products are dynamically listed (just replace my ID with yours and you are ready to make affiliate commissions.

Affiliate links from other landing pages can be updated in seconds in one convenient place.

Quizzes and surveys can be greatly utilized and are built into the website.

This is a one of a kind DFY website and you WILL NOT FIND elsewhere.

Below you can see sales proof for a a 2-week campaign…

NOTE: This website is build in a particular way to avoid advertising networks penalize you when is comes to affiliate marketing. Your affiliate links have to be b#r*3d deep in your funnel and that’s exactly how this site is build. You will not have this type of site build by a rookie for a few hundred bucks. You can try (and waste some money) and then come back here to buy this website. Remember, you may not only waste money, but also time (which is more precious) and you are running a risk of your advertising account being shut-down in that process…

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