This page lists few samples of quizzes used to promote affiliate products from Clickbank, These quizzes had high engagements with high completion rate and were converting very well.

In order to protect access to viewing these quizzes you will have to provide your email to see these examples. These examples come with the website purchase so you can copy them and model with similar content to test how they will perform.

Here are the links:

  • Advertorial#1 – Quiz
  • Advertorial#2 – Quiz
  • Bridge Page – Advertorial – Quiz
  • Advertorial#3 – Quiz
  • Bridge Page – Quiz
  • Note: the above links will be unlocked for those who supply their email (opt-in form coming soon-check back in day or two…)
  • Click here to provide email to access these money making quizzes

Along with these you will receive Facebook Ads that were used with these quizzes as well as outsourcing contacts you can utilize to get images and videos done for you for $10-$20 a piece.

You are getting your hands on exclusive resources and insights that that had a price tag close to $30K including mentor-ship, mastermind, running & testing ads, etc. All of this is basically free because you only paying for the site (a fraction of cost of the site).

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